State and Local Tax

The geographical reach of the firm’s client base means our clients are constantly encountering state and local income tax, franchise tax, gross receipts tax and sales and use tax issues and assessments in all corners of the nation. When faced with these tax issues, our clients turn to us for help.

Our multistate tax practice attorneys counsel clients on transactional matters and tax planning and have successfully represented clients in state tax audits, administrative appeals and litigation in departments of revenue, administrative agencies and courts throughout the United States. Our tax practice is nationally recognized for its comprehensive knowledge, creativity and experience with complicated state tax nexus, apportionment, tax credit, sales and use tax exemption and procedural issues, to name a few.

Our attorneys typically get involved in income tax, franchise tax, gross receipts tax, sales and use tax and unclaimed property disputes at the audit stage, and many of these matters have been resolved without the need for litigation. However, as states’ appetites for revenue are undiminished, our clients recognize the importance of drawing on the litigation skills of our tax attorneys to "build the record" in case an administrative appeal or litigation becomes necessary. We also regularly help clients initiate litigation in state courts that challenges the constitutionality of state laws and the manner in which state tax agencies enforce those laws.