Our Story

Neal Gerber Eisenberg was founded in 1986 by a group of lawyers of widely diverse backgrounds and personalities. Entrepreneurial and independent-minded as individuals, these lawyers were committed to a firm culture and style of practice that encouraged collaboration among colleagues at all levels. Each of the founders brought to the enterprise years of experience in and deep substantive knowledge of specialized areas of law, yet each favored practicing in ways that were broadly interdisciplinary, recognizing the fresh perspectives that approach could bring to every client matter.

The firm has grown and thrived in large part because so many of our clients have been strongly entrepreneurial and individualistic and have seen their own values and outlooks mirrored in us. Our clients appreciate that we do not view their businesses generically, but understand the uniqueness of who they are, what they do, and the legal and practical challenges they may face; that we recognize that a particular strategy or solution for one client may not be suitable for another, even if they operate in similar spheres; and, above all, that we listen. Our goal is to know the client and the client’s business as thoroughly as possible and bring creative insight to every matter. Knowing what makes each client special is what makes us special.

Neal Gerber Eisenberg is one of the largest single-office law firms in the nation. The scope of our practice is both international and domestic and covers a full range of legal services, including transactions of all kinds, litigation, and intellectual property. Our clients include Fortune 100 companies as well as small and mid-sized businesses; public companies as well as private equity firms; established institutions and start-ups. Personalized service to entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals and families is a keystone of our practice. We also are dedicated to improving the life of our community by working with public service organizations and by making legal services available, pro bono, to those who might otherwise lack access to justice.

For more than 35 years, we’ve succeeded—and helped our clients succeed—by deploying the best legal talent as efficiently as possible, by thinking collaboratively and “outside the box,” and by partnering with our clients to achieve the results they desire. At a time when many law firms see themselves as institutions, Neal Gerber Eisenberg continues to hold that rendering legal services is a person-to-person endeavor.