Law Students

You are at a key stage in your career. The opportunities and choices that lie ahead are exciting for you. We take professional development and your individual choice of a firm very seriously. As you begin the journey of choosing and making one of the most important decisions of your career, we invite you to weigh us against the other firms you are considering. We are justifiably proud of the culture we’ve developed, and feel confident in what we have to offer, and wish you the best as you take this important step.

The Summer Associate Experience

Students who join Neal Gerber Eisenberg are not selected because they will make good summer associates or because they are impressive on paper, but because we see someone with the potential to become our future colleague and partner. We look beyond the summer and reach out to law students who are ready to begin building their career, using the firm and its resources as a springboard to achieve high aspirations.

NGE’s summer associate program is designed to be a career opener. As a summer associate, you are treated like a new associate, from the work you are given to the contacts and friendships you cultivate. You will have considerable freedom in choosing your projects – but count on us to assist you in finding those that pique your interest and help identify the perfect area in which to begin your career. The summer program will give you a full view of life at NGE. You will see our working atmosphere with its hallmark collegiality and open-door environment. We are proud of the broad array of personalities, backgrounds and experiences represented in our firm. This diversity makes NGE a comfortable place to practice, no matter what your background. It is our goal that by summer’s end you will have learned exactly what it means to be an associate at NGE – not by watching, but by doing.

Summer Associate Program Overview

  • Fast-paced 10-week program
  • Formal associate and partner mentors who serve as go-to guides to the firm and help provide ongoing feedback about projects
  • Work coordinators who identify interesting assignments and help you choose the perfect area in which to begin your career
  • Access to continuing education programs, practice-specific training and innovative associate “pods” that offer peer learning experiences
  • Opportunities to work on pro bono matters and engage with the local community
  • Social gatherings that help you get to know us outside the office

2018 Recruiting Events and On-Campus Interview Schedule

Tuesday, July 24


Cook County Bar Association Minority Job Fair

Thursday, July 26


Patent Law Fair

Monday, August 6


Northwestern University OCI

Tuesday, August 7


University of Chicago OCI

Wednesday, August 8


Chicago Kent OCI

Wednesday, August 8


University of Illinois OCI

Thursday, August 9


University of Michigan OCI