Charitable Planning

When it comes to giving back, Neal Gerber Eisenberg stands at the leading-edge of not-for-profit planning and charitable giving. We combine forward-looking advice with impeccable client service to establish client-appropriate not-for-profit entities, be they private foundations, donor-advised funds or charitable trusts to achieve our clients’ charitable planning goals.

Make It Personal

Successful philanthropy has become an increasingly complex endeavor, requiring charities to be more responsive, transparent and accountable than ever before. Individuals and family groups turn to us for charitable gift structures that reflect their philanthropic goals and create an enduring legacy. We treat personal gift vehicles as a form of investment, tailored to particular goals and interests, financial and tax needs, requiring measurable results to safeguard charitable intent and unintended tax consequences.

Keeping it in the Family (Business)

We develop strategies to enable intergenerational philanthropy. For family offices and other businesses, our advice includes corporate governance, fiduciary duty and director’s liability issues. Paramount is our tax-savvy counsel concerning private foundations, donor-advised funds, supporting organizations and public charities, including managing or avoiding unrelated taxable income.

Tax and Regulatory Considerations

Our long tradition of counseling tax-exempt organizations on best practices ensures compliance with the complex regulatory, disclosure and compliance requirements impacting private foundations, charitable trusts, trade associations, and public charities. We advise on qualifying for tax-exempt status, joint ventures and other partnering arrangements, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, and donor advised funds. Our purview extends to grant making and agreements, intellectual property agreements, and federal and state audits.

A World of Good

We’ve got you covered—whether you are a donor seeking to make your charitable contributions count, or a charity in need of strategic guidance, our services run the gamut from strategic planning, formation and dissolution to the myriad details of operations, administration and fundraising. As a firm, we are committed to making a positive difference, for our clients and in our communities, and are thus honored to help our clients achieve their charitable planning goals.