Intergenerational Wealth

Paramount to any family legacy, we adroitly handle the nuanced issues implicit in transfers of intergenerational wealth. Our attorneys are known for devising and implementing strategies to address all aspects of tax, wealth transfer and succession planning for high-net worth individuals and their families and multi-generational businesses in the U.S. and abroad.

Our experience gives us a wealth of insight into the multiple facets of tax planning, charitable giving and wealth transfer implicit in family business succession. We counsel entrepreneurs and others who built their empire from the ground up to manage wealth and deploy it wisely to their heirs, and we advise families and individuals with significant inherited wealth on preservation strategies.

We work hard to protect our clients’ overall wealth and assets, blending sophisticated techniques and strategic legal analysis to evaluate all aspects of business, finance, trust and philanthropic vehicles. Our renowned corporate and tax lawyers devise tax-effective ownership structures to effectively transfer wealth to the next generation, and to safeguard their legacy for the future.