NGE Attends All Stars Project, Inc. National Gala

On May 20, NGE Managing Partner Robert Gerber and Chief Operating Officer Sonia Menon, both All Stars Project Board Members, attended the All Stars Project, Inc. National Gala in New York City. The event honored the All Stars Project's founding CEO, Gabrielle Kurlander and Leaders of Youth Development, Valerie Brown of Gilead Sciences, Alysia Steinmann of EY and Amy Weinberg of the University of Maryland. The event also included the announcement of a generous gift to the All Stars Project by NGE client, the Leslie J. Raffel Foundation, a private non-profit recognized for its philanthropic activities with a focus on educational and developmental organizations.

NGE has been a proud partner of the All Stars Project Chicago since its inception in 2007. We continue actively supporting the All Stars Project, which provides young individuals from disadvantaged neighborhoods with opportunities to engage with the broader community and explore new possibilities.

Click here to learn more about the All Stars Project National Gala.

Click here to learn more about the All Stars Project.