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Andrew May Quoted in Law360's "Illinois Cases To Watch In 2023: A Midyear Report"

Andrew May, partner in the Litigation practice group, is quoted in Law360's Analysis, "Illinois Cases To Watch In 2023: A Midyear Report." The report reviews four notable cases in Illinois in the second half of 2023, including a jury determining damages for biometric privacy violations under the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), the Illinois Supreme Court interpreting BIPA's health care exemption, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) challenging a pharmaceutical merger on anti-competitive grounds, and the state Supreme Court's decision on whether a nursing home can redirect Survival Act claims to arbitration despite the contract's termination upon a resident's death.

Regarding the BSNF BIPA case, Andrew commented, "It will be interesting to watch because this is really the first time that we're going to get the opportunity to see how a jury left to its own devices exercises its discretion."

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