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NGE Clients Prevail in Accounting Malpractice Suit at Summary Judgment

On October 21, 2019, NGE obtained summary judgment on behalf of its clients, a national accounting firm and one of its managing directors, in an accounting malpractice action filed in Wisconsin.  Plaintiffs, a manufacturer of commercial grade food equipment and its owner, alleged that NGE’s clients acted negligently and fraudulently by failing to recommend an international tax planning strategy.  After the litigation had been pending for two years, NGE partners Andrew May and Jonathan Quinn were retained to take over as lead litigation counsel.  Without pursuing any further discovery, NGE drew up dispositive summary judgment papers asserting that the plaintiffs’ claims were both time-barred and  precluded by the express terms of the accounting firm’s engagement letters.  Following a lengthy and contested oral argument in June of this year, the Court issued a 16-page opinion granting summary judgment against the plaintiffs on all counts.