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Steven Pflaum Honored by the Illinois Judges Association

Neal Gerber Eisenberg is pleased to announce that Steven Pflaum, partner and co-chair of the firm’s litigation department, was honored by The Illinois Judges Association (IJA) at their annual luncheon on December 7, 2018, for his esteemed service on the Illinois Judicial Ethics Committee. The event also honored retired Illinois Supreme Court Justice Charles Freeman and outgoing Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

"I am heartened by the IJA’s recognition that our partners continue to guide the legal profession on integrity, ethics, and service," said Scott J. Fisher, Firm Managing Partner. "One of our founders, the late Phil C. Neal, set a shining example for us all, and I am certain that Phil would share our collective pride that Steve has been recognized for his dedicated and enduring work with an organization that he has been a member of since its founding."

The Illinois Judicial Ethics Committee is a joint committee of the IJA, Chicago Bar Association, and Illinois State Bar Association that provides guidance to judges regarding their responsibilities under the Illinois Code of Judicial Conduct and recommends revisions to the Code to the Illinois Supreme Court. Steve has served as a member of the group since its founding in 1992 and has served as the chair since 2013.

"Steve Pflaum's dedication to helping judges learn about ethics is an extraordinary contribution to the legal community," said James E. Snyder, President of the Illinois Judges Association and an Associate Judge of the Cook County Circuit Court. "His hard work helps us all do better."

The IJA consists of more than 1,250 current and retired judges and supports judicial excellence and professional development and judicial education, fosters public confidence in an independent judiciary, works to preserve the independence of the judiciary by educating the public and students, and promotes a diverse judiciary that administers justice in a fair and impartial court system.

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