Bobby Gerber and Sonia Menon Publish Key Takeaways from Discussion on How Industry Leaders Can Meet Sustainability Challenges 

NGE Managing Partner Bobby Gerber and Chief Operating Officer Sonia Menon authored an article in Unsustainable Magazine outlining several key takeaways from the webinar panel "Industry Leaders Meeting Sustainability Challenges," recently hosted by the firm's Sustainability Committee. 

The webinar panel, which Bobby moderated, included speakers Lisa Kaplan, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Planning of plastics distributor M. Holland; Althea Ricketts, Associate Vice President, Corporate Initiatives of audio equipment manufacturer Shure; and David Schmidt, CEO and President of packaging company TPH Global Solutions. 

In the article, Bobby and Sonia share insightful information from the panel's conversation, including how companies can formulate paths to achieving sustainability, change company culture, meet client demands, and overcome industry challenges. 

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