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Neal Gerber Eisenberg Expands Well-Being Program Offerings with Addition of Homethrive and Nubundle

CHICAGO – Neal Gerber Eisenberg (NGE), a proud signatory to the American Bar Association's Well-Being Pledge, is pleased to announce the addition of two important health and wellness focused benefits for all attorneys and staff – Nubundle and Homethrive. This is a significant next step in the firm's evolution through a being-well campaign that strives to understand and address head-on the challenges confronted by its people on a daily basis. The two new initiatives support the personal needs of its people from family planning and fertility complexities to caring for aging loved ones. 

"With the signing of the ABA Well-Being Pledge and the launch of Being Well, we formalized our long-standing commitment to advancing the health and wellness of our people," said Scott Fisher, NGE Managing Partner. "These new programs expand that commitment by focusing on challenges regularly faced by our colleagues, and we hope that, even in a small way, these will provide additional support so that they don't need to experience these moments alone. Promoting, supporting and sustaining the well-being of our employees is a part of our NGE culture. We are thrilled to make Homethrive and Nubundle available as self-care resources for attorneys and staff."

Nubundle guides individuals on their journey to parenthood, whether supporting general reproductive health for those not yet starting a family, to those already on their care journey, with family planning concierge, affordable care, lower-priced medications, all on a robust digital platform. Homethrive provides peace of mind for families by helping aging loved ones thrive at home with dignity, and by reducing the stress of family caregivers by combining expert coaching with experienced social workers assigned to the entire family.

Recognizing the growing challenges faced by a meaningful number of individuals at NGE who are overwhelmed by an aging loved one’s needs, especially when caregiving while working a full-time job, the firm also will host a three-part eldercare series through this year to continue to build a community of support around the difficult reality of caring for aging loved ones.

About Homethrive

Homethrive provides care management and personal assistance services to help aging loved ones thrive at home with dignity and purpose and reduce the stress and work on family members who support them. Homethrive matches each client and their family with one of its master’s level social workers (Care Guide) who develops an ongoing trusted relationship with the family. Homethrive's Care Guide provides expert coaching to help seniors embrace healthy behaviors and help family members anticipate and better handle the challenges of supporting an aging loved one. Homethrive's Care Guide also recommends and coordinates any necessary third-party services to provide meals, transportation, home care, medication delivery or other services. To learn more, visit

About Nubundle

Nubundle helps employers redefine their relationships with families through benefits by providing access to family planning and fertility benefits services. Nubundle offers a platform that provides access to an experienced network of family planning and fertility experts and affordable fertility services. Nubundle also partners with fertility clinics for its fertility coaching and management software. For more information, visit