Technology in Hiring: Current Trends, Emerging Law and Best Practices

On Tuesday, June 11, ​Sonya Rosenberg and Corey Biller presented on "Technology in Hiring: Current Trends, Emerging Law and Best Practices" at a conference for Labor & Employment attorneys.

The presentation covered the following:

  1. Exploring the thorny issues many employers have recently faced from using various advanced technological tools and social media strategies to better attract and screen the “right” applicants, and the resulting growing number of age, race and gender-based disparate impact and intentional discrimination claims

  2. Analyzing relevant case law, including the impact of the Seventh Circuit’s recent decision in Kleber v. CareFusion Corp. barring ADEA disparate impact claims brought by applicants, as well as the EEOC’s take on these kind of claims

  3. Discussing practical, working strategies for companies to help prevent their technology from creating a PR and/or a legal nightmare, while staying competitive with current recruitment trends and strategies.