NGE IP Focus: Manufacturing

Neal Gerber Eisenberg and Wolters Kluwer have teamed up to bring you NGE IP Focus, a quarterly newsletter dedicated to intellectual property-related legal decisions.

In this issue, we focus on the manufacturing industry, highlighting some recent legal decisions that illustrate the depth and breadth of legal issues encountered in the field. As these cases will show, automation creates constant change in the consumer-driven society, and as a result IP law issues are being created at an equal pace. In addition, there have been vigorous challenges to patent infringement allegations in the automation space.

In this issue:

  • In Touch with Jim Muraff
  • Cruise control and property access patents pass Alice test
  • Electric vehicle operating system claims not patent-eligible
  • Digital messaging patent suit involving customer infringement allowed to proceed
  • Location monitoring solutions provider could have infringed tracking system patent marketed to hospitals
  • Industrial hose designer states misappropriation claims against SharkNinja
  • Asphalt equipment manufacturer’s misappropriation claims against competitor were time-barred
  • Use of technical drawings to create manufacturing control systems not copyright infringement
  • Use of generic replacement posts in manufacturer’s lane delineators was not passing off

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