NGE IP Focus: Life Sciences

Neal Gerber Eisenberg and Wolters Kluwer have teamed up to bring you NGE IP Focus, a quarterly newsletter dedicated to intellectual property-related legal decisions.

In this issue, we focus on the life sciences industry, highlighting some recent legal decisions that illustrate the depth and breadth of legal issues encountered in the field. As these cases will show, IP portfolios require strategic management from the earliest stages, especially in the life sciences industry.

In this issue:

  • In Touch with Kevin O'Connor
  • Vimpat® epilepsy drug patent survives double-patenting challenge
  • Obviousness-type double patenting did not invalidate term extension for MS drug
  • Gilead double patenting rule only applies to patents filed after URAA's effective date
  • Eleventh Amendment barred joinder of University of Texas to infringement suit
  • Infringement finding, injunction affirmed in dispute over generic drug for treating schizophrenia
  • Opioid-treatment method claims satisfied Section 101
  • Patent for detecting tuberculosis bacteria ineligible as directed to natural phenomenon

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