The Fabric of Us

At Neal Gerber Eisenberg, we believe in a set of shared values that defines our community - this is the fabric of us.

We weave together diverse perspectives to fashion a mosaic of human experience. Throughout the last year, these diverse perspectives helped our community grow, and learn to serve as stewards for a more just society. As depicted in our holiday card, you can learn more about our core values and how we grew our knowledge in each one during the past year.


Participating in Bystander Intervention Training to Address Anti-Asian Violence

In May, we partnered with Asian Americans Advancing Justice | Chicago, CAIR Chicago, and Hollaback! to host a workshop to learn how we can intervene safely and effectively as a bystander to combat anti-Asian/American and xenophobic harassment.

We learned about the types of discrimination that Asian and Asian Americans are facing right now, as well as the positive impact that bystander intervention can have on individuals and communities.


Listening during the Roundtable Discussions on Structural Racism, Inequality & Inclusion 

In February, in recognition of Black History Month, our NGE community participated in small group roundtable discussions to learn more about this year’s theme, the Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity, and to share and listen to their colleagues’ experiences.


Learning from An Inside Look at the COVID-19 Vaccines: Your Questions Answered

In March, we partnered with the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) Institute for Healthcare Delivery Design to present to NGE personnel and our clients "An Inside Look at the COVID-19 Vaccines: All your questions answered on development, safety, distribution, and availability."

The discussion was led by Dr. Jerry Krishnan, physician-scientist and Professor of Public Health, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, and Hugh Musick, Director of the Institute for Healthcare Delivery Design at UIC. They reviewed the development and distribution of the vaccines, community outreach efforts, how the vaccines work, and busted vaccine-related myths.


Discussing Against All Odds: The Fight for a Black Middle Class

During Black History Month in February, we watched a documentary “Against All Odds: The Fight for a Black Middle Class,” that explored the historical efforts of Black Americans to establish a middle-class standard of living, and the role of the Black family in the fight for upward mobility.


Celebrating inclusion during Cured: Screening and Filmmaker presentation and discussion

In June, in honor and celebration of Pride Month 2021, our firm hosted a virtual screening of the award-winning documentary "CURED," which explores the battle that led the American Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality from its manual of mental illnesses in 1973.

Filmmakers Patrick Sammon and Bennett Singer led a discussion and Q&A session after the screening, to review the lessons of the film and the work of the LGBTQ+ activists who changed history.


Gathering together for Growing Through It: Pandemic Fatigue, Resilience, Growth, and the Road Ahead

In March, we welcomed back Dr. Caroline Adelman, Ph.D. for a discussion on the pandemic and its impact. Dr. Adelman is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and the founder of Chicago Psychotherapy, LLC, a private therapy practice in Chicago.

Dr. Adelman discussed the personal and interpersonal impacts experienced by many of us over the past year of pandemic living, and she provided concrete strategies for developing greater resilience, connectedness, optimism, and self-compassion during these challenging times.


Brainstorming with NGE parents for a Discussion on Back to School Challenges

In August, the NGE PLAY Group hosted a discussion with fellow NGE parents about parenting during the pandemic. As the new school year approached, we commiserated and shared tips and tricks with each other on back-to-school challenges and keeping our kids healthy. Our PLAY Group also coordinated additional education sessions during the year to continue the discussion and provide more resources.


Giving back through NGE’s Earth Day Crowded Closets Donation Challenge

In honor of Earth Day 2021, the NGE Sustainability Committee coordinated the 2021 Cleaner & Greener Closet Campaign! Our NGE community worked with their families to gather gently used clothing for donation to a charity of their choice. The Sustainability Committee provided tips on how to achieve and maintain a more sustainable closet going forward.