Your Options / Choosing the Right Plan

Changes you can only make during open enrollment (unless you have a qualified life event)




Voluntary Life Insurance

Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance

Heath Care Flexible Spending Account

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

Note: a "Life Event" includes birth, marriage, and a spouse coverage changing.



Changes you can make throughout the year

Transit / Parking

(Transit / parking deductions suspended due to the pandemic will remain in your Discovery benefits account and will roll over into 2021.)

What is the transit and parking program:  Elect to have your commuting cost deducted on a pre-tax basis and save an average of 30% on your commuter cost.

How the pre-tax transit and parking program works:  Deductions are taken from your paycheck once a month.  The funds are then credited to your transit and/or parking account at Discovery Benefits. 

When you are ready to purchase a ticket, reload your Ventra card, or pay for commuter parking, you can use your Discovery Benefits debit card to pay for the purchase.  If your card is not available, you can submit a claim to reimburse yourself.

When you first enroll, a debit card will be mailed to your home.  You can set up your online account at or by downloading their app.  From the website/app you can view your account balance and submit claims.

How long can the funds stay in your transit / parking account:  Your funds can stay in your account(s) for as long as you are employed at NGE. They roll over year to year. 

How long do you have to submit a claim:  Claims for expenses must be submitted within 180 days of the expense being incurred.  

Who manages the transit and parking program:  Discovery Benefits is the transit and parking program administrator.

How to change your election?:  Pre-tax transit & parking elections can be started, stopped or changed monthly.  Election changes can be made by completing the Transit & Parking Election Form and submitting it to Alison Spring.




Please see the 401(k) section for more information or visit Schwab.



Health Savings Account

Please see the HSA section for more information.



Additional programs to support you and your family

Mental Wellness

Your mental wellness is important.  The Firm offers a variety of programs to support you.

Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)

Your EAP benefit:  Perspectives provides you and your family with support in a variety of ways.  Your contact with Perspectives is confidential.  Connect with Perspectives staff to get help (including short term counseling).  Access the website or Spark app to get information on a variety of topics and take confidential assessments.  

  • Call:  The professional staff at Perspectives will either schedule you at a local office for assessment, referral and short-term counseling services or provide it to you directly through supportive phone counseling.
  • Referral:  After the assessment, the EAP counselor will refer you to a program or therapist that has been evaluated by the EAP as expert in your issue. This eliminates the guesswork in finding a good provider.
  • EAP Short-Term Counseling:  Sometimes the problem identified in the assessment is caught early enough that it can be addressed by a few more sessions with your EAP Counselor.
  • Website:  You may want to research a topic or take a short skill builder.  Topics range from personal growth, achieving goals, diversity, relationships, resilience,  and assessments to check in with your health physically and mentally.

How to contact the EAP:

Call Perspectives at 800-456-6327

Visit the website  (user name NEA500; password perspectives)

Download the Spark app and start a conversation or call anytime. 




What is Headspace:  Headspace is a meditation program primarily accessed by using their app. You can also use it from their website

Programs on mindfulness and meditation include reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, focus and fitness. 

There are guided meditations, focus music, fitness programs, and meditation programs for kids.  Check out the SOS programs when you really need a break.  

Who is eligible to enroll:  All NGE employees may enroll in a free Headspace membership. 

How to enroll:

  1. Go to the Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg Headspace landing page: ​ 
  2. Enter your NGE email address
  3. If you previously created a Headspace account, choose “Link My Account” and enter your existing log-in information
  4. If you are new to Headspace, click on “Create New Account,” where you will be asked for information to set up your account




What is BeiNGE Well: each month we focus on a different topic and share relevant tips, articles and host programs. 

Past programs and resources can be found here



Caring for your family

Caring for your family is top of mind.  These resources can help you care for your family. 

Bright Horizons: 

As part of the Firm’s benefit program, you have access to Back-Up Care with Bright Horizons.  You can use the service at a day care center or have someone come to your home for a very reasonable rate.  Your benefit includes up to 10 days of care per year.

Additional programs and discounts include:

How to sign up: 

Register anytime at

Contact Bright Horizons customer service: 877-242-2737

Download the Bright Horizons app.

Click here for more information.




Homethrive is designed for employees who may have questions or concerns about aging parents or loved ones. Whether you are already caring for an aging loved one, seeking more options for how to support them, or wondering if you should start thinking about how to support someone in the future, they can offer you guidance. 

How to sign up:

1.  Sign up on Homethrive's website ( Enter your contact information, including your work email (to verify you are eligible).  Let them know the best phone number to reach you.  Set up a user name and password.  You will be asked a few questions about your loved one (name, relationship and type of needs).  They will NOT reach out to your loved one until you give them permission.  This information helps them assign a care navigator.

2.  You will be assigned a Care Guide who will reach out to you.  The guide will introduce themselves and discuss how they can be helpful to you and your family.  If you have any questions before then, please call Homethrive at 888-777-2199.

Note that you can use the Homethrive service without ever including your loved one in the conversation. 

Click here for more information.



Pet Insurance

What is pet insurance?:

We know how much you love your furry family members at home.  We also know how expensive veterinary care can be.  My Pet Protection from Nationwide helps you provide your pets with the best care possible. The plan reimburses 90% on vet bills including accidents, illnesses, and hereditary conditions.* 
*Some exclusions may apply. Certain coverages may be subject to pre-existing exclusion. See policy documents for a complete list of exclusions.

Click here for more information.

How to enroll:



Financial Resources

Financial Security is an important piece of your well being.  We provide several resources and services to help you keep your finances on track and secure.

Norton LifeLock Identity Protection

What is the benefit:

LifeLock helps to protect your identity and your devices.  Each benefit eligible attorney and employee is enrolled (paid by NGE) in Norton LifeLock Benefit Premier Identity Protection.  Coverage can be extended to family members by enrolling them on NGE's personalized site.

Additional information about the program can be found here. 

How to access your benefit:

Access your Norton LifeLock account:

For pre-enrollment questions, call 866-917-2555 or email

Contact LifeLock Member services directly at 800-607-9174.



Health Advocate

What is the benefit:

Health Advocate is offered by the firm at no additional cost to you.  The services are available for all employees, spouses, domestic partners, dependent children, parents, and parents-in-law.

Services include: 

  • Finding the right doctor (and helping you make the appointment)
  • Transfer medical records (and coordinate the transfer of x-rays and lab results)
  • Work with insurance companies on your behalf to get any necessary approvals and coordinate benefits.
  • Resolve claims and billing issues
  • Answer benefit questions (understand how your benefits work and find options for non-covered services)
  • Clarify tests and treatments (understand medical conditions, test results and treatment options)
  • Help with eldercare (find adult day care, home health care, and other support services)



Contact Health Advocate for help:  Click Member Login and search for Neal Gerber Eisenberg.

From the website you can get help with billing issues, finding a doctor and sending a message to an advocate. 


Call Health Advocate 866-695-8622



NGE 401(k) Plan

Plan for your future:  Included in your Schwab retirement plan access is Advice.  Schedule a call with a Schwab representative: 800-724-7526