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Olivia Luk Bedi Quoted in Bloomberg Law Article on Diversity in Intellectual Property

Olivia Luk Bedi, a partner in the firm’s Intellectual Property practice group, was quoted in the article “Patent Firms Recruit Undergrads in Pipeline Diversity Push,” which Bloomberg Law recently posted. The report explores the lack of diversity among patent attorneys and agents and the push for diversity initiatives to address the challenge.

In the article, Bedi’s personal story illustrates the industry-wide experience of others in the field. It describes how her mindset as an associate and awareness of the lack of representation changed over time as she rose through the ranks to become a partner. This recognition led to her working to create a support system for others and encourage diversity across the profession.

“It’s a hard career for everybody across the board, but particularly hard for people who don’t see people who look like them in the upper ranks,” she said.

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