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Mike Harlin Article on Pharmaceuticals and Artificial Intelligence Published on

Mike Harlin’s article “Intellectual Property Considerations for Drug Discovery Via Artificial Intelligence” was recently published on In the article, Mike explores the potential for and the ramifications of using artificial intelligence (AI) in the drug discovery process. 

Although AI can be used to accelerate timelines and reduce expenditures in drug research, the algorithms and models that the AI platforms operate on can be very difficult to patent in the United States. In addition, Mike writes, “If a pharmaceutical company’s drug development project employs AI-based platforms from more than one AI company, it could create multiple royalty obligations on the resulting drug. If a first company’s platform identifies a series of hits for a target, and a second company’s program guides the optimization of the hit into a lead compound, one may owe royalties on the drug to both companies. As a result, a pharmaceutical company that engages an AI company should carefully consider the contractual terms and the expectations underlying the relationship.” 

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