Wage & Hour: How to Deal with the Continuing Nightmare

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the federal law governing the payment of minimum and overtime wages, has proven itself to be an employer’s worst nightmare, only getting worse as the Wage and Hour landscape continues to rapidly evolve. In 2013, this trend continued, with about 10% more wage and hour suits filed than the year before. The claims continue to impact employers of every size and in every industry, resulting in lucrative payouts to employees and their attorneys.

Only educated and prepared employers who understand the obligations imposed by complex wage and hour laws can avoid the mistakes and traps that invariably lead to litigation or government agency audits. These issues present significant risks, and divert management's attention from other important business matters.

We invite you to learn about the latest legal developments and explore ways to avoid liability by developing and implementing preventative strategies. The discussion will cover a broad spectrum of issues, ranging from timekeeping practices, pre- and post-shift work, meal breaks, calculating overtime pay, alternative pay methods, and proper classification of employees.

We also will discuss emerging trends and tips in wage and hour litigation, including how to best prepare for and defend against these types of claims.