In these fluid times, we would like to take this opportunity to let you know how Neal Gerber Eisenberg is navigating this unprecedented landscape. The health and safety of our colleagues, clients, visitors and their loved ones will always be our top priority. Moreover, we have a robust business continuity plan, which, in addition to protecting our people, includes process and technology safeguards to ensure that data is managed and protected and that our systems are accessible during any disruption. Our business continuity plan includes:

  • Remote Working Capabilities - Several years ago we moved to a secure, virtual desktop infrastructure so that our people can work remotely, anywhere in the world, while protecting client information and maintaining the security measures in place within our office. This system also ensures that our phones and other means of communicating operate seamlessly when working remotely. In addition, our information governance policy requires us to maintain a digital file as our official, permanent record. As a result, we can securely access our client materials remotely at any time.
  • Employee and Office Guidelines – We have sound and clear guidelines in place to protect the health and safety of our employees, including domestic and international travel restrictions, restrictions regarding in-person meetings in our offices, social distancing guidelines, and self-quarantine rules. Additionally, we have canceled or postponed all scheduled, large in-person events and gatherings hosted by the firm. We continue to review these guidelines on a regular basis to ensure we address any changes to this dynamic situation.

In short, we have every reason to expect that we will be able to continue to provide our clients the service and advice that you’ve come to expect from our firm. Finally, thank you for the continued trust and confidence you show in us.

Please feel free to contact me at any time about anything.

Be safe and be well.








Scott J. Fisher

Managing Partner