Enterprise System Agreements

Our technology transactions group has represented clients across a wide spectrum of industries and has particularly deep experience in the financial services, hospitality, health care, transportation and logistics, online travel and online retail sectors. We are attuned to industry-specific issues and regularly counsel our clients on how to address risks associated with implementation and integration, acceptance testing, system configuration, service-level agreements, transition planning, and other common areas of exposure related to complex enterprise-level agreements. Our team is knowledgeable in a wide range of advanced system development and integration arrangements, including cloud-based platforms, application programming interfaces (APIs), website and mobile application development, wireless technology and enterprise applications.

Our multifaceted experience allows us to serve our clients in a variety of ways. We draft and negotiate cloud computing and SaaS agreements with a particular focus on uniquely critical issues, including data security and confidentiality concerns, the handling of personally identifiable information, and availability and response-time service levels. We have negotiated a wide variety of domestic and international sourcing transactions, including the sourcing of everything from specific functional areas or business processes to entire IT and customer care operations. We advise numerous clients on service-level arrangements, pricing methodologies, business continuity strategies, IP ownership and other key components of sourcing transactions. We are experienced in the area of data transmission and telecommunication infrastructure. We have negotiated multiple agreements with domestic and international providers in connection with the procurement and implementation of telecommunication circuits, including fiber optic lease agreements and secure networking and messaging arrangements.