Information Governance Programs

Information governance (IG) concerns activities and technologies organizations employ to maximize the value of their data while minimizing associated risks and costs. Effective IG programs are interdisciplinary and pull together a variety of organizational facets including legal, IT, knowledge management, cybersecurity and data privacy.

Suite of Offerings

We regularly help our clients design, refine and implement the full suite of internal policies necessary to support an IG program, including information governance policies, written information security policies (WISPs), data maps, BYOD policies, data breach response plans, privacy policies, and website terms and conditions. Our data retention and remediation professionals guide clients in developing effective data retention schedules that assist them in defensibly disposing of data that no longer has legal or business value while holding onto the data that they are obliged to keep. They also assist in cleaning and restructuring vital data to help position companies to minimize future risk, reduce ongoing data storage costs and achieve other efficiencies.

Experienced Team Creating Value

Whether a company is just starting or has a robust IG program that needs review, we have assisted all types businesses in strengthening their IG practices. Our team offers a proven IG audit process that will identify where an organization stands with respect to IG and produce a set of customized recommendations to optimize its ability to use IG as a competitive differentiator in its industry.