Information Governance Audits

The need for a holistic and effective information governance (IG) program increases as each day passes. The ever-expanding volume of data generated in business creates challenges, risks and responsibilities for our clients, but also presents opportunities that can be leveraged to create competitive advantage. A forward-thinking organization protects against risk, but also uses its data to gain valuable insights into improving its operations and competitive position in the marketplace. To meet these objectives, an organization first must understand the information it has and how it is being used.

Through our proven IG audit process, our team identifies where an organization stands with respect to IG and produces a report of customized recommendations to mitigate the organization’s data-related risks while optimizing its ability to use IG as a competitive differentiator in its industry. We also regularly audit the IG practices of the third-party vendors and contractors on which our clients rely to further mitigate risk by assessing whether those partners comply with our clients’ practices and applicable legal requirements.

Following the audit process, we work with clients to review and implement the recommendations in the audit report, which may include refining existing policies and practices or instituting new policies necessary to support a an IG program, including information governance policies, written information security policies, data maps, data breach response plans, BYOD policies, privacy policies and website terms and conditions.