Social Events = Work/Life Balance

As a summer associate you’ll discover NGE attorneys share a sincere desire to nurture your talents, stoke your entrepreneurship and bring out the best in you. You’ll also discover we love our work and know how to laugh, share, collaborate, support, teach… and have a great time.

In addition to informal lunches with attorneys at all levels, practice group leaders host a lunch with the summer associates and members of his or her group. These lunches allow summer associates to learn more about the specialty areas within the firm and to network with members of different practice groups.

Determining whether the firm is a good fit for you will be based on professional as well as personal considerations. So we promise a variety of social gatherings to help you get to know us outside of the office. Save the date for: 

  • Chicago Cubs game at historic Wrigley Field
  • Architectural boat cruise
  • Karaoke night
  • Game night
  • Dinner parties at partners’ homes
  • Tour and dinner at Chicago museums
  • Iron Chef Cook-Off
  • Experience the Chicago food truck scene



"Even during my interviews for the summer program, I could tell that this was a firm where I could build a long-term career. The atmosphere, the type of work the firm was doing, the client list — this was a down-to-earth place with a sophisticated legal practice.

That initial impression was sustained after I joined the firm as a new associate, and has continued since becoming a partner. As the firm has grown, it’s been able to maintain its roots and remain focused on its core culture and principles.

A key aspect of that culture is the firm’s commitment to enabling young associates to develop a satisfying legal career. Associates get early opportunities to form direct client relationships. As you evolve, and gain more experience, partners and clients welcome your participation and contributions on large and mid-sized deals. Associates are allowed to grow and take on more and more responsibility. Over time, clients look to associates to more directly meet their needs.

Associates also get opportunities to work closely with attorneys in other disciplines. Rather than simply handing off aspects of client matters that aren’t in the practice area, attorneys work together to share expertise. For example, as an associate I worked on a transaction with complex tax issue. Rather than leave that part of the transaction to our tax specialists, a tax partner walked me through the issues as she lent her expertise. I came away from that experience, as I have so many times since, with an appreciation for a new aspect of corporate transactions. These types of experiences keep the work fresh and help to continually expand my knowledge base."


 - Joshua A. Klein
University of Pennsylvania Law School, Class of 1997
Partner, Corporate & Securities


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