Non-Compete Counseling & Litigation

Many companies fail to fully protect their valuable human assets and their confidential and proprietary information and intellectual property. Ignoring this cache of valuable assets can have dire and far-reaching consequences. For instance, employees can leave, taking valuable intellectual property and knowledge with them, or use the goodwill gained from their employment to compete and/or solicit away business opportunities.

The laws that protect employers in such circumstances are complex and vary by state concerning what can be protected and how that protection must be secured. Our attorneys help clients understand this important issue and create sound, proactive strategies that protect these valuable assets through both offensive and defensive strategies.

We identify the information and customers that need protection and the employees and contractors whose access to them poses the greatest threat to such information and customer relationships. We work with clients to identify risks and to implement strategies to secure the greatest protection possible. We also work with clients when employees leave or restrictive covenant agreements are challenged to provide a realistic understanding of what enforcement mechanisms are available and what strategies would be the best and most cost-effective.


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