Employment Law Counseling & Training

Due to the ever-increasing number of new laws addressing employment matters, every employer is confronted with enormous challenges in connection with the management of their employees. We are a resource for our clients to discuss decisions affecting applicants or employees in order to minimize the risks associated with these decisions. To perform this role, we gain familiarity with each employer’s business, industry, competitive conditions, philosophy and overall objectives to build a relationship of trust and confidence.

In counseling, we combine our knowledge with our substantial experience on defending employers in response to employment claims to be an effective sounding board for legal and human resources personnel and other corporate decision makers.

We provide both legal advice and practical guidance on employment decisions of all types. We assist in preparation of employment contracts and employment policies, work through leave and accommodation issues, collaborate over discipline termination decisions, analyze company restructuring and reduction-in-force plans, navigate the impact and notice requirements of plant closings and layoffs, review the labor and employment aspects of purchase and sale events and help develop employment policies that meet legal requirements and promote the culture and objectives of individual employers.

Employment Agreements

Clients regularly ask us to assist in the drafting of employment agreements. We carefully tailor employment agreements to meet each client’s unique goals and objectives. Some clients’ concerns center on protecting intellectual property and business relationships; in these cases, we craft provisions governing confidentiality restrictions, non-compete arrangements and the assignment of inventions and intellectual property rights, to name a few. For others, the paramount concern is defining the compensation arrangement with sufficient clarity, an issue of particular importance for high-level executives receiving options and other incentive compensation, as well as employees entitled to commissions. In the case of executives and other high-ranking officials, we address these matters, as well as all other situation-specific issues, such as change-of-control agreements, stay bonus agreements, deferred compensation incentive plans, equity compensation and phantom stock programs, and severance agreements.

Employment Policies

Employees and employers benefit from well-crafted employment policies. Developing and implementing such policies can pose complex challenges. Managers must carefully consider what will be most effective across the organization and anticipate how these policies will affect the company’s productivity and competitive position. Our labor and employment attorneys work with clients to develop and implement policies and procedures that not only comply with current employment laws but also reflect the workplace culture desired by the individual client. We help clients understand and adapt to the fast-changing employment landscape by adjusting their policies to reflect evolving law, such as family and medical leave, accommodation of disabilities, discrimination, retaliation, employee privacy, emerging workplace technology and communications systems and protection of confidential information and intellectual property. We provide an understanding of how different employment policies must interconnect and work in a cohesive manner.

Supervisor & Employee Training

Employment decisions, even those once considered routine, are now subject to an ever-expanding and increasingly complex body of federal, state and local laws. The responsibility for understanding and correctly applying those laws no longer rests solely with the human resources department. Effective employment practices training that reaches all levels of an organization is now mandatory for any company that wants to compete and thrive in today’s marketplace. The existence and effectiveness of a company’s employment training programs has never been more important. Because of our familiarity with our clients’ businesses, we can explain how abstract legal concepts and mandates apply to actual real-life situations in the workplace. We are also well-positioned to know what areas warrant additional emphasis for a particular client. This tailored approach distinguishes our firm from other training providers who typically rely on “canned” employment training programs.


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